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5 Terrible DUI Excuses Never to Use on a Cop

When trying to get out of a DUI, some excuses work better than others.

Telling the police officer that you were "trying to drive it off"? Not a good DUI excuse.

Here are five other DUI excuses you should never use on a cop:

3 Questions About Alternative Sentences for your DUI Attorney

After taking a look at Georgia's DUI laws, you may have wondered about alternative sentences.

The availability of alternative sentences will hinge on the specific facts of a DUI case, so your best bet is to consult a DUI attorney for an evaluation of your particular case.

Here are three questions about alternative sentences to ask your DUI attorney:

7 Secrets to Avoiding DUI from Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was arrested for a DUI in Miami, along with resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. Police pulled him over after they caught him street racing in his yellow Lamborghini, reports CNN.

Although it's easy to write off this celebrity DUI as another story of teenage entitlement, the Bieb's arrest actually provides seven secrets for avoiding a DUI.

APD Supervisor Terminated Over DUI Charges

As surprising as it may be to private citizens, a fair number of Atlanta Police Department employees struggle with DUI charges of their own. Take it from Atlanta Police Lt. Maurice Dodd, an APD supervisor who slammed into a fire hydrant while driving drunk.

Dodd is now facing a slew of repercussions of both the professional and legal variety.

5 Tips for Avoiding a Holiday DUI

Beware holiday DUIs this season. While you may not see the harm in a one or two drinks that don't seem to affect your motor skills at all, the law sees otherwise. This holiday season, many drivers are being cautious about DUI checkpoints that will have you behind bars even if you blow barely .08, Augusta's WRDW-TV reports.

There will be many an occasion to celebrate the season now that Thanksgiving is officially in the rear-view mirror. But, before you do, here are five tips for avoiding a holiday DUI:

3 Ways To Contest a DUI

How can you contest a DUI? After the new head coach of the Atlanta Hawks was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to The Associated Press, this question is likely on his mind.

Mike Budenholzer's case has yet to be settled, but the new coach stated earlier this week that he wants to focus on preparing his team. He added that "it's important for [him] to respect" the legal process, though he does plan to contest the charge.

A DUI can affect anyone -- so here are 3 ways to contest one:

Driving Drunk With Kids: Charges Are Not Childs Play

Drunk driving is bad enough, but drunk driving with kids? An offender's charges and penalties could be taken to a whole new level. This is what Ashok Kapoor, 47, is now waiting to hear back on, after being pulled over for driving drunk with three of his children in the backseat, Atlanta's WSB-TV reports.

It should go without saying that you should never drink and drive. But, if you're caught doing so with your kids in the car, a DUI may not be the only issue you'll have to deal with. Here's a general overview of driving drunk with kids in Georgia:

What Not to Say After DUI Arrest

What shouldn't you say after a DUI arrest? A YouTube video confession from an offender who committed a fatal DUI has gone viral, and despite 22-year-old Matthew Cordle's heartfelt pact to take full responsibility for his actions, the consequences and the unfortunate death of his victim had already occurred.

If you've been pulled over for a DUI, certain things may already be out of your hands. For Cordle, it was the fact that someone was killed due to his actions.

This is a good reminder to make sure you make the right choices following a DUI incident, including what you say. Here are some important things not to say after a DUI arrest:

3 Things to Know About Ignition Interlock in Georgia

How much do you know about ignition interlock law in Georgia? DUI laws vary by state, meaning so do their penalties. Ignition interlock, while it is a rather pesky device, allows a DUI offender to still drive, even if they could be given a suspended license.

The device itself has to be installed by the driver in his or her car. Once it's installed, the driver must then blow into the device every time they get into their car. If the system registers the driver's breath with no trace of alcohol detected, then the engine will start. If there is any alcohol detected over approximately 0.00%, the engine won't start.

In addition to those basics, here are three things you should know about ignition interlock laws in Georgia:

DUI and Employment Background Checks in Georgia

A background check that uncovers a DUI conviction, or even a charge that doesn't end in a conviction, can affect a person's ability to get a job. Depending on how much digging the employer is allowed to do, an applicant's DUI charge or conviction could crop up -- and bring the hiring process to a screeching halt.

Georgia differs from federal law as to when employers can conduct background checks, and whether or not a DUI offense can be taken into account in a hiring decision.