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UGA Linebacker Demetre Baker Kicked Off Team After DUI

The Bulldogs' off-field troubles just keep coming. Most recently, University of Georgia football coach Mark Richt decided to kick freshman linebacker Demetre Baker off the team following his arrest for DUI and other charges, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Demetre Baker, the 10th UGA football player arrested this year and the fourth to be booted from the team, was booked into an Athens jail Sunday morning at 4:26 a.m. and released at about 11:05 a.m. on $2,500 bond.

He already was "redshirted" this season, meaning he either didn't have the grades or was unable to play because of an injury (the article doesn't give the specific reason), and didn't travel with the team for last Saturday's game against Mississippi State. But it looks like his football career, at least with UGA, is over before it even began.

And not even the best Georgia DUI lawyer will be able to get Demetre Baker back on the field, even if he's able to secure a favorable ruling in court.

Adding insult to injury, the freshman linebacker's arrest came about a week after UGA President Michael Adams told AJC reporters that he'd asked the school's athletic department to do something about the high volume of arrests:

"We expect people to represent us in a positive fashion, on and off the field. That is not an unrealistic expectation... And so we expect the coaches and the [athletic director]s to provide role models and leadership for their players, and I told the whole Athletic Association staff that."

Speaking of athletic directors (or ADs), former UGA AD Damon Evans was arrested under suspicion of a DUI while clutching the panties of a female companion who was not his wife, CBS Atlanta reported.

Six of the 10 cases involving football players were alcohol-related and some of them were for battery and public intoxication in addition to DUI.

It appears that UGA is doing its part to make sure Georgia DUI attorneys get plenty of work in Athens. But for everyone else's sake, let's hope they've learned their lesson.

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