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Georgia Teen Allyson Lumpkin To Join Distracted Driving Team

Allyson Lumpkin was chosen out of more than 100 applicants to join the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) Distracted Driving Leadership Team, according to the Bainbridge Post-Searchlight. She is one of only 20 US teens to serve on the team, which is working toward ways to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving.

Allyson Lumpkin and the other 19 participants (including fellow Georgia residents Jennifer Ross and Zachery Allen) attended the recent National Distracted Driving Summit hosted by the US Dept. of Transportation (PDF).

DOT Secretary Ray LaHood announced a number of federal measures intended to reduce distracted driving incidents, including a ban on the use of communication devices (i.e. smart phones) by commercial truck and bus drivers and rail operators:

"We are taking action on a number of fronts to address the epidemic of distracted driving in America. With the help of the experts, policymakers, and safety advocates we've assembled here, we are going to do everything we can to put an end to distracted driving and save lives."

While distracted driving cases are generally not handled by Georgia DUI attorneys, research has shown that typing out a text message while driving can be just as dangerous as downing too many drinks before hitting the road.

Allyson Lumpkin said she hopes to bring what she learns as part of the Distracted Driving Leadership Team back to Georgia, where she can educate others:

"I have seen the downfalls that distracted driving can bring to a community, and I would like to be enlightened about the dangers of distracted driving in order to possibly help save lives and prevent avoidable accidents."

Most teens are not comfortable speaking up when they are a passenger in a car driving by a teen who is texting or otherwise distracted, even though an Allstate Foundation study found that 70 percent of teens say it's "easy" to get distracted while driving.

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