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Police: Moms Had Kids Blow Into Interlock Ignition Device

It was bound to happen sooner later, and may have happened more times than we can possibly know, but a pair of Texas women were arrested for allegedly having their children blow into a car-mounted ignition interlock device (IID) because they were too drunk, according to ABC Rio Grande Valley affiliate KRGV.

The two South Padre Island women, 28-year-old Jessica Rosales and 31-year-old Linda Rosales were charged with child endangerment. Police said a 2-week-old baby, a 4-year-old, a 5-year-old and two 10-year-olds were in the car as one of the two women allegedly drove the car under the influence.

One of the children was asked to blow into the device in order to get the car started, according to police.

As in Georgia, motorists in Texas have the option of driving with an IID after being convicted of a DUI. But you don't need a Georgia DUI attorney to tell you that judges don't take too kindly to offenders who try to get around the restriction.

Jessica and Linda Rosales are both being held on separate $50,000 bonds. Reporters didn't say who was actually driving when police stopped their car.

A witness alerted police about a suspicious vehicle parked outside of his house, according to the Houston Press. Police believe they pulled over in order to blow into the device, since IIDs require repeat samples after the car has initially been started. They said the women had "lost all use of their mental and physical faculties" and were "a danger to themselves and others" as they attempted to get one of the children to blow into the device.

Linda Rosales is no stranger to the criminal justice system and has been arrested for felony theft and multiple DWIs (driving while intoxicated). Jessica Rosales is in the middle of a six-year probation for a 2007 DWI. 

If convicted, and if the child endangerment charges are determined to be second-degree felonies, they could be sentenced to as many as 20 years in prison.

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