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Darrin Murphy Had Been Charged With DUI Before Fatal Crash

Atlanta police officers arrested 42-year-old Darrin Murphy on May 30 after he fatally struck motorcyclist Liam Rattray on Moreland Avenue in the Little 5 Points neighborhood of Atlanta. Just a few days after the fatal crash, Murphy was charged with first-degree homicide, following too closely and driving under the influence. This apparently isn't even the first time that Murphy has been accused of impaired driving.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the suspect was also arrested in the Atlanta area in October 2009 and charged with DUI. This DUI charge, however, was later reduced to the less severe charge of reckless driving.

Rattray, the victim in the May 30 accident, had recently graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in public policy with very high honors. The victim had reportedly been thrown off of his bike after the vehicle struck him from behind. Rattray was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital after the accident, where he later died from injuries stemming from the crash.

Meanwhile, Fox News reports that the suspect Darrin Murphy is being held in jail without bond pending another hearing in front of a superior court judge. A person in the state of Georgia can face severe penalties for driving under the influence, especially for repeat DUI offenses.

The crime of first-degree homicide, which a person can commit simply by killing another person when driving recklessly, is also punishable with a lengthy prison sentence. More information about DUI penalties and reckless driving penalties can be found through our Related Resource pages.

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