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Woman Rammed Police Car of Douglas County Officer: DUI?

People get pulled over on suspicion of DUI in Atlanta for all kinds of reasons. Speeding, erratic driving, failure to maintain a lane are a few very common examples of the kinds of driving mistakes that alert police to the fact that they might have an impaired driver in the vicinity. However, sometimes the evidence of a possible DUI is a bit more obvious, such as ramming a police cruiser. Or two.

A Douglas County sheriff's deputy narrowly escaped serious injuries early on the morning of June 3, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution when a woman rammed into a police car that was pulled to the side of the ramp from Chapel Hill Road to I-20 westbound for a traffic stop. The woman involved "failed to maintain her lane, struck a Douglasville P.D. unit, then knocked that unit into a Douglas County Sheriff's Office unit," Georgia State Patrol Cpl. Michael Stewart said.

As the cars slammed into each other, the deputy on the scene scrambled to get out of the way and was knocked to the ground in the process. The officer sustained lacerations to his arm and possible injury to his knee.

The woman who rammed the police car and caused the collision had been drinking, reports The Journal-Constitution, so it is no surprise officers are considering charging her with a DUI. If she is charged, she is fortunate that the officer was not seriously injured or killed. A major injury or death takes a potential misdemeanor DUI in most states makes it a felony offence, punishable by considerable jail time and fines. A civil suit to compensate the victim for their injuries often follows.

Memorial Day is over, but a summer of backyard barbeques, the 4th of July and other celebrations looms. Celebrate, but don't get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. You never know who you could run into.

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