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William Shaw Hemby Charged with Vehicular Homicide, DUI

William Shaw Hemby, 18, a straight A student and a wrestler from the Lilburn area, drove through a stop sign and struck an SUV, causing one of the eighty-one year old passengers to die from internal bleeding, reports WSBTV Atlanta.

The accident took place on Southwick Pass in the Country Club of the South community. The victim was a man named Monmahan Yadav. He died five days later.

The police, meanwhile, have charged William Shaw Hemby with DUI, vehicular homicide, reckless driving and two counts of serious injury by vehicle.

Is Texting While Driving Like Drinking While Driving?

The prohibition against driving under the influence has always been understood to mean, no drinking and driving, or no driving while high on drugs.

But can you be cited for something like a DUI if you are using your cell-phone while driving?

It might soon be the case, if Transportation secretary Ray LaHood gets his way, reported the Wall Street Journal last year. LaHood has been pressing the various states to enact anti texting-while-driving laws -- and his approach is modeled after the way the federal government got the states to criminalize drunk driving. The plan is to financially reward states that enact such laws by way of federal funds.

When they show those "don't drink and drive" cartoon videos in junior high school, they usually have a man and a woman driving in a car or a truck, with one of the parties trying to remind the other to not drive drunk. And then out of nowhere, a massive building appears, and the vehicle crashes into it in a hiss of steam and smoke. Then when everyone is dazed some of the bricks at the top of the building get dislodged and come flying down like it's Loony Tunes and crush the car, while sending the passengers hotfooting it down the street.

It would seem that forty-somethings Georgia residents Kevin Fay and Christine Gentry were trying to recreate their junior high years recently, because Kevin Fay got drunk and was driving a truck, while Christine Gentry was trying to tell him to pull over, and then he smashed into a building and caused damage to the building and his truck, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Grandparents Found to be the Safest Drivers For Children

Lately on this blog we have been discussing grandmothers driving their children while impaired or intoxicated; as well as mothers driving with their children in car while drunk.

These series of stories led the writers of this blog to wonder who tends to practice more safety with respect to driving children around? Grandparents or parents?

The Georgia grandmother Glenda Ferguson notwithstanding, the answer, it seems to be, is that grandparents are the safest party to drive children.

Drunk Mother of Four Drives 90 mph with Children in Car

She is not a mother against drunk driving.

Maria Michelle Baylor, a 35 year old woman from Tennessee, was charged with a DUI near Atlanta, even as she had four children in her car.

The police that spotted and stopped the car said she was clocked at 90 miles per hour and was slurring her speech and smelling of alcohol, reports WBBJ.

Georgia Grandmother Drives Drunk with Grandson in Backseat

Sometimes it gets stressful raising a child and it's necessary to knock back a few cold ones.

That might just be the defense being taken by 53-year-old Georgia grandmother, Glenda Ferguson, after she was booked for driving under the influence with her three year old grandson in the backseat, reports WSBTV.

Although the Georgia grandmother added that she was "remorseful" she explained that she shouldn't be "crucified" either, since she believes it is not unusual for caregivers to have a few drinks and drive with children in the car.

Georgia Alum and "Dancing Machine" Hines Ward Booked for DUI

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward, a graduate of the University of Georgia in Athens, was recently booked into the DeKalb County jail for driving under the influence, reports the Associated Press.

A former MVP of the Superbowl, Ward was driving a gray 2009 Aston Martin with Pennsylvania license plates that read "OOOHWEE", late July 9, when he swerved and struck a curb, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

An officer pulled Ward over and administered a portable field sobriety test which registered at .128 -- well above the .08 legal limit in Georgia. However, such portable tests are not admissible in court and Ward refused to take the more official Breathalyzer.

Yasmel Garcia-Victoria Hit and Killed by the Side of I-285

Alcohol and driving don't mix, but add a heated argument into the concoction and it can be a recipe for disaster. A Norcross woman was stuck and fatally injured this weekend when a reported argument with her boyfriend got out of control and led to her being run down on the side of I-285.

Yasmel Garcia-Victoria, 23, was arguing while driving in the car with her boyfriend, 38-year-old Michael Swetell, also of Norcross, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. At some point while on I-285, Swetell brought the car to a stop in the emergency lane. Both Garcia-Victoria and Swetell got out of the car, still arguing, and that is when Garcia-Victoria was hit in the right lane by several cars. Only one driver took the time to report the accident.