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Darran Hester, Walton County Deputy Sheriff, Killed By Drunk Driver

Members of the community in Logansville will be holding a candle-light vigil to honor the sheriff's depty, Darran Hester, who was killed by a drunk driver in a motorcycle accident, reports Logansville Patch.

Darran Hester died on Saturday after a truck turned in front of the bike carrying him and his wife. Darran Hester's wife, Jamie, is at the Atlanta Medical Center with serious injuries. The driver of the truck, named Robert Champine, has been charged with first degree vehicular homicide, DUI, and various other charges, including drug possession. The alleged DUI driver, Robert Champine, was aged 59, which illustrates that it isn't just teens and young people who are charged with DUI.

Villa Rica's Jason Lark Pleads Guilty in Cheyenne Sauls Death

A drinking-and-driving accident that involved students from Villa Rica High School, and led to the death of one, of them found its way to the court in order to hand out punishment to the drunk-driver Jason Lark, reports CBS Atlanta.

Sixteen-year-old Cheyenne Sauls of Villa Rica High School was killed in a car driven by seventeen-year-old Jason Lark, after he had been drinking-and-driving. The car flipped during the accident. Another teen was also injured.

For the death of Cheyenne Saul, Jason Lark pleaded guilty to drunken driving and vehicular homicide. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Drunk Driver Ran Over a Cop in Cumming -- Almost

A routine walk-through became a lot more for an area deputy, reports Patch, as a drunk driver ran over a cop in Cumming.

According to the reported facts, a deputy was sent out to the Pine Ridge Mobile Home Park on Atlanta Highway to check on a drunk person. While checking around, the deputy saw a pick-up truck reversing at him at high speed. It took a big leap to get out of the way.

The truck, meanwhile, hit a railroad tie and then ran over a 55 gallon trash can, getting stuck on top of it. After some struggle, the driver of the pick-up dislodged the truck and sped away down the street, only to be caught when trying to ram into one of the trailers.

Atlanta Strip Club Punished: Club Blaze To Pay $1.75 Million

An Atlanta jury reached a verdict that will force the Atlanta strip club called Club Blaze to pay $1.75 million, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The verdict came down on Tuesday, in DeKalb State Court. The strip club is being punished for serving alcohol to a man, Otis South, who crashed his car and killed a mother of two in 2008. Otis South had a blood alcohol content of 0.398, reports AJC. That high a BAC is nearly five times the Georgia DUI limit of 0.8.

Arrested: Dalton Man Dragged Police Officer With A Car

A routine police stop of a gold Lincoln Continental became a lot more for a Dalton police officer, Steven Collins, as a Dalton man dragged the police officer with a car, reports CBS Atlanta.

Delvin Dewayne Williams, the driver of the Lincoln, was pulled over by Officer Steven Collins back on Saturday for suspicion of DUI. Using a Breathalyzer, Officer Steven Collins reported that Delvin Dewayne Williams had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.23. This was well above the Georgia legal limit for BAC, which is 0.8.

Atlanta's New Surveillance System Could Affect Drunk Drivers

Some might call it security while others will call it "Big Brother is watching you!"

Either way, Atlanta is set to go forward on creating a "video integration center" which will give the Atlanta police access to more than 100 public and private security cameras, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Starting with cameras around CNN Center, Georgia State University and Buckhead, the eventual goal of Atlanta's new surveillance system, is to watch the entire city on 15-foot screens, from within a massive complex downtown, reports the AJC, which has been following the development for years.

Top 5 Weird Georgia DUI's

While Georgia ranks low among American states in terms of alcohol consumption -- coming in 45th in the amount of binge-drinkers -- it has seen its own share of strange DUI's.

And we have been covering most of these strange DUI's here at FindLaw's Atlanta DUI News Blog.

Here are the most recent Top 5 Weird Georgia DUI's:

Antonio Tolliver, Atlanta Lawyer, Gets 25 Years for Vehicular Homicide

A former attorney from Atlanta, Antonio Tolliver, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for driving under the influence and committing vehicular homicide, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Tolliver pleaded guilty to an incident from October 2006, when he ran a red light after drinking at an Atlanta Falcons game and slammed into a taxi. reports the AJC. The taxi was full and the accident caused the death of passenger Shannon Brown, a mother of two children (who were not in the car). Two other men in the taxi were injured severely. One of them was in a coma for two months.

Mother of Three, Elizabeth Marie Durbin, Charged with DUI

A mother from Marietta, not only drove drunk with her three children in the car, but also kicked an officer in the leg, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Elizabeth Marie Durbin, who is 26, was arrested on Delk Road. She had a beer can in her car, along with her 5-year-old twin boys and a 3-year-old daughter, reports the AJC.

The mother told the officers that she had not had a drink in more than hour, however, on the Breathalyzer she blew a 0.297 so, it does seem she was driving drunk with her three children in the car. This is three times the legal limit.

Third Pedestrian Struck by Priscilla Johnson Also Dies

It is now confirmed that all three of the teen pedestrians struck by Priscilla Johnson’s car in Clayton County have passed away, reports CBS Atlanta.

In the original incident, Priscilla Johnson of Lithonia, who was allegedly driving under the influence, struck three teens as they walked along a road in Clayton County, reports WSBTV.

The teens, all boys, were 17-year-old Timothy Aaron, 16-year-old Antonious Bishop, and 17-year-old Octavious Sorrels. Antonious Bishop was pronounced dead at the scene. Octavious Sorrells died later at Grady hospital and Timothy Aaron died after struggling for his life for a few days, reports CBS Atlanta.

2011 Labor Day Death Toll in Georgia Cut in Half

The Labor Day Holiday means rest, relaxation, and ... fatalities. It is usually the second deadliest day on roadways every year.

However, this year, due to the Labor Day crackdown carried out by the Governors Highway Safety Association and the Georgia Highway Patrol, there was a decrease in the number of deaths on the roads in Georgia, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Over the course of the Labor Day weekend in Georgia, seven people were killed in traffic accidents, which is half the number killed over the same period last year. In addition to these deaths, 225 people were injured in 435 crashes that the State Patrol dealt with over the 78-hour period of the weekend.

Ron Verlander, a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Arrested for DUI

Ever since Alanis Morissette, the meaning of ironic has become muddled. Ron Verlander is going to make the meaning clear: Irony is when a man whose job involves helping recovering addicts and alcoholics gets a DUI.

Verlander, who runs a company called NOAH (National Organization for Addiction Healing) was in jail on DUI charges from June 24 to August 27.

NOAH is a non-profit company. It had been trying to solicit business from faith-based organizations. But now, it is unlikely that many faith-based groups would want to work with someone of the "ironic" religion.

DS 1205: What is an Administrative License Suspension?

If you are in Georgia and arrested for drinking and driving, then at the time of the arrest the arresting officer will confiscate your driver's license.

That's severe! Yet most Georgia drivers aren't aware of this. And yet they should be aware, because losing your driving privileges is the one of the stiffer penalties, after going to jail.

So here is some useful information: