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Georgia State Patrol Top Police Agency in U.S.of A.

The Georgia State Patrol was recognized as the top state police/highway patrol agency in the country, reports the Post-Searchlight. The award for the best police agency in America was part of the National Law Enforcement Challenge. It is sponsored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

The National Law Enforcement Challenge awards the best overall traffic safety programs. The NLEC pays particular attention to the programs that agencies using to protect against speeding and impaired or drunk driving.

Wheelchair Racer in Cedartown Injured in Hit-And-Run

Two men that struck a world-class wheelchair racer in a Cedartown hit-and-run have been arrested, reports the Cedartown Standard.

The wheelchair racer, Krige Schabort, is a South African athlete that moved to Cedartown in 1997. He was traveling in his racing wheelchair with a group of six when his ride was allegedly struck on the back wheel. Schabort was catapulted into a ditch and his vehicle was destroyed. He had just returned from the Kona Ironman Competition at Kailua Bay where he set a world record.

Schabort was paralyzed in 1987 while serving in the military. A bomb from a Russian plane hit him during a battle with Angola.

DUI with Children in the Car: Wrong-Way Crash on Highway 365

A pair of adults and a few children suffered various levels of injury in a wrong-way crash on Highway 365 over the weekend, reports Access Atlanta.

A Mercury Grand Marquis driven by Carrie Lynn Churchill headed north in the right southbound lane, while a 2005 Ford Taurus driven by Beatriz Pineda de Giron went south in the right southbound lane. Churchill's vehicle was on the wrong side and struck Pineda de Giron's car head-on.

Carrie Lynn Churchill was booked for drunk driving. Her behavior seems particularly egregious as she had a 6-year-old boy in her car. He was not hurt in the head-on collision.

Fort Valley's Mayor John Stumbo Regrets DUI

Fort Valley Mayor John Stumbo expressed remorse about getting a DUI in Monroe County, reports the Macon Telegraph.

The Mayor Stumbo DUI arrest occurred after he was found stopped along I-75 in his Lexus. The police officer blew his horn to get the mayor's attention, but there was no response.

Rockdale DUIs in October

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office, Conyers Police Department, and the Georgia State Patrol made a number of DUI stops in Rockdale the middle part of October, reports the Rockdale Citizen.

Between October 11 and October 21, 2011, there were at least thirteen DUI stops in Rockdale and environs. The ages of the alleged drunk drivers ranged from 17 to 48. Many of the DUI violations were coupled with other citations, such as violation of open container laws, improper lane changes, disorderly conduct, running a traffic light, striking unattended vehicles, failure to stop for emergency or police vehicle, and failure to yield right of way, among others.

Flowery Branch DUI Ends in Wreck, Injuries

A Flowery Branch DUI caused a wreck and injured multiple people, reports the Gainesville Times.

Georgia State Patrol Officials confirm that a 29-year-old man driving an 1995 Acura Integra with a 28-year-old woman in tow, crashed into a mailbox and a drainage ditch before going airborne and hitting a driveway. The accident was so severe that the driver had to be cut out of the car, reports the Gainesville Times.

The man is being treated for a major head injury. His name has not been released. The woman in the car revealed that she tried to prevent the man from driving.

Rockmart DUI Leads to Open Container Charge For Car Owner

A driver in a 1999 red Cavalier on Elm Street was booked for a DUI in Rockmart, reports the Atlanta Crime Examiner.

The driver, Kelli Melissa Nickels, age 27, of Gray, Georgia, was arrested and charged with a DUI, as well as driving the wrong way on a one way, and driving on a suspended license.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Cavalier, Steven Lee Netherland, age 22, from Hartwell, was charged with allowing another person to violate state and law, and for open container.

PUI: UGA Student Arrested for Pedestrian Under the Influence in GA

The act of flipping off a cop turned out badly for a UGA college student, reports Red and Black.

Samuel Lewis Anderson, 22, was walking on College Station Road, when he was spotted by 3 University Police Officers. He looked to be staggering in the bike lane and then, when the cops passed by, he flipped them off. When the officers turned their car around to talk to him, Samel Lewis Anderson gave the middle-finger to the cops yet again.

Good-Samaritan Killed on I-85 Because of DUI

A Good-Samaritan that attempted to help a man in a wreck caused by his own drunk driving was killed by another passing car, reports CBS Atlanta.

This strange set of events took place when alleged drunk driver Elmer Carreno-Garcia, age 21, hit a retaining wall near Clairmont Road on I-85. A 61-year-old named William Kear got out to help Carreno-Garcia. But as Kear returned to his car, he was struck by another vehicle, a dark navy blue 3 Series BMW.

William Kear died at Grady Hospital. Meanwhile, Elmer Carreno-Garcia was booked for DUI.

Commissioner Wole Ralph's DUI Case to Fulton County

A prosecutor from Atlanta decided to send Commissioner Wole Ralph’s DUI case to Fulton County to avoid favoritism, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The prosecutors in the Solicitor’s Office opted to send the case after they learned of the friendship between Wole Ralph and Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed. Since Reed doesn’t have budgetary authority over Fulton County, the move should keep any allegations of foul-play away.

Police DUI: Cop Charged in a DUI in Doraville

A cop charged in a DUI in Doraville is bearing all the scrutiny that comes with a police DUI, reports the Atlanta Crime Examiner.

Doraville police officer Kasey Lindsey, 29 years of age, was suspended without pay after he was pulled over for a DUI early Saturday morning. The officer that pulled Kasey Lindsey over, twice asked him for his license, but Lindsey presented his badge instead.

World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party Gets DUI Warning

The SEC football game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators is preceded by what has come to be known as the world's largest outdoor cocktail party. This year police from both Georgia and Florida have decided to use the tailgate as an opportunity to raise awareness about drunk driving, reports the Augusta Chronicle.

The heads of the Florida and Georgia highway-safety agencies agreed to tape a joint message that would warn the fans at the October 29 game between the Bulldogs and Gators about the consequences of drunk driving, reports the Augusta Chronicle.

Judge Kent Lawrence, Founder of DUI Rehab Court in GA, Retires

Former NFL-player, policeman, and Clarke County judge, Kent Lawrence is retiring, reports the Athens Banner-Herald.

Although Judge Kent Lawrence spent nearly a quarter century on the bench, many people agree that one of his other meaningful accomplishments is the creation of the first impaired driver program in Georgia. The DUI/Drug Court was created in 2001.

A new federal report on drunk driving by the Center for Disease Control finds that drunk driving incidents have fallen 30 percent in the last five years and last year were at their lowest in two decades, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The federal report on drunk driving is by the CDC, which is based in Atlanta, near Emory University. It was compiled after a national telephone survey of 210,000 U.S. adults. Nearly 1 in 50 said that they'd driven drunk at least once in the previous month. About 60 percent said they drove drunk just once.

University of West Georgia Golfer Killed in DUI

A University of West Georgia golfer, Mathew Benjamin Dyas, was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a drunk driver, reports the Associated Press.

The terrible tragedy occurred near the entrence to University of West Georgia's football stadium, where the 20-year-old golfer was killed before the school's homecoming game.

News of Dyas's death spread quickly. He had transferred over to University of West Georgia from Georgia Southern University, reported Associated Press.

Cornelius Washington DUI Will Impact Georgia Bulldog Football

The Georgia Bulldogs defense has been porous and maligned this year, and now they are faced with one of their leading linebackers getting charged with a DUI, reports ESPN.

Starting linebacker Cornelius Washington was arrested near Commerce, Georgia, and charged with a DUI. The Cornelius Washington DUI will cause him to miss the forthcoming games against Tennessee and Vanderbilt.

Washington's DUI arrest occurred after he was clocked going 92 mph in a 55 mph zone on U.S. Highway 441. Reportedly, he then blew a 0.12 on the Breathalyzer and failed a standard field sobriety test.