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DUI with Children in the Car: Wrong-Way Crash on Highway 365

A pair of adults and a few children suffered various levels of injury in a wrong-way crash on Highway 365 over the weekend, reports Access Atlanta.

A Mercury Grand Marquis driven by Carrie Lynn Churchill headed north in the right southbound lane, while a 2005 Ford Taurus driven by Beatriz Pineda de Giron went south in the right southbound lane. Churchill's vehicle was on the wrong side and struck Pineda de Giron's car head-on.

Carrie Lynn Churchill was booked for drunk driving. Her behavior seems particularly egregious as she had a 6-year-old boy in her car. He was not hurt in the head-on collision.

The passengers in de Giron's car included three teenagers: 14-year-old Daniel Pineda de Giron and 16-year-old Alfredo Pinedo de Giron and 15-year-old Carlos Torres who were treated for injuries at various hospitals.

An accident like this puts stark focus on the dangers of drunk driving. A total of two adults and four children barely escaped with their lives -- a head-on collision on a highway is perhaps the most frightening kind of auto-accident.

A DUI with children in the car has been occurring with frequency recently in the Atlanta metropolitan area. A few months ago a Clayton County woman drove with a BAC of .392 and two children in her car. That mother, Cierra Nicole Baughcum, was driving with a BAC at five times the legal limit, which is 0.08 in Georgia.

While it is not currently known how Carrie Lynn Churchill's BAC compared to Cierre Nicole Baughchum, the fact that both women had little children in the car is frightening.

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