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Police DUI: Cop Charged in a DUI in Doraville

A cop charged in a DUI in Doraville is bearing all the scrutiny that comes with a police DUI, reports the Atlanta Crime Examiner.

Doraville police officer Kasey Lindsey, 29 years of age, was suspended without pay after he was pulled over for a DUI early Saturday morning. The officer that pulled Kasey Lindsey over, twice asked him for his license, but Lindsey presented his badge instead.

But being a cop and getting a DUI wasn't the whole of officer Kasey Lindsey's problem. He had been drinking while at a strip club, fell asleep driving back, and hit a car. There was a person in the other car, who was taken to Crawford Long Hospital for injuries, reports the Examiner.

Officer Kasey Lindsey, meanwhile, reportedly blew a .151 on the Breathalyzer. As he was probably aware, under the Georgia DUI Laws, the legal blood alcohol limit is 0.08. At the hearing for the police DUI, the Doraville officer accused of drinking didn't offer much of a defense.

"This is going to be the easiest DUI arrest you'll ever have," Mr. Lindsey allegedly said to the arresting officer. "I'm not going to fight it. I was drinking."

Some people might feel inclined to find amusement in the irony. But this story simply illustrates that not taking care to prevent drunk driving is something that everyone deals with, including those people that are trained to protect others from drunk driving. And, of course, when accused of a DUI, even a cop will have to turn to an Atlanta area DUI attorney, like everyone else, they must face a judge.

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