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Gwinnett Police Department Activates Holiday Task Force

The Gwinnett Police Department activated its Holiday Task Force, reports the Gwinnett County Government website. In the list of tips the website has put forward, the very first one will be of extreme use to people concerned about drunk driving in Atlanta:

Do not drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs; call for a taxi, take public transportation, or have a designated driver

Putting that commandment out there is the Gwinnett Police Department's way of letting Atlantans know that there will be increased focus on nabbing drunk drivers this holiday season. Don't say you weren't warned.

At Least Twelve Georgians Killed in Thanksgiving Car Crashes

Thanksgiving was not very pleasant for some families in Georgia. Reports say fifteen people were killed in car crashes during the holiday travel period, which began last Wednesday, writes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Georgia Highway Safety Twitter page also places the number of total fatalities at 15. In the same time period there were 434 crashes, down three from the year before; and there were 247 injuries, which is significantly less than the 397 last year, reports the Georgia Highway Safety website.

The law enforcement in Georgia had predicted the dangerous holiday traffic conditions and tried to take action to protect citizens.

Georgia's Operation Thunder Leads Into Thanksgiving Campaign

Various law enforcement groups around Georgia recently celebrated the success of the traffic sweep called Operation Thunder which yielded numerous arrests particularly in the area of DUI, reports 11 Alive.

On last Thursday night, the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety kicked off Operation Thunder Atlanta with the Atlanta Police Department. This was a three day campaign that covered all six of the Atlanta Police Department Zones. The weekend long sweep led to 868 traffic citations; 178 arrests (19 felonies); 81 seat-belt violations; 61 DUI arrests; and 3 stolen vehicles recovered, reports the GOHS website.

Getting Georgia Trucking Job Requires Being DUI-Free

With the economic situation in the country uncertain, many people have been forced to re-evaluate their job prospects. Some of these people have become interested in driving, particularly in getting a Georgia trucking job, reports the Augusta Chronicle.

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2018, transportation jobs will increase 13 percent around the country, reaching a high of 2 million or so. And according to the Georgia Dept. of Labor, there were a little more than 6000 people employed in transportation in October of 2011.

Coweta County Hit-and-Run

On Sunday a driver by the name of Andrew Thomas Bult was arrested and charged with a DUI after leaving the scene of a Coweta County hit-and-run, reports the Times Herald.

The hit-and-run accident occurred on Interstate 85 at exit 35. When police arrived at the scene they did not find the driver. It was later, at a BP gas station, that they caught up to Bult, who was trying to take out a spare tire from his truck. The officers noted that the truck was damaged and the rear tire was shredded.

Jeffrey Baker: Morrow Police Chief DUI

Jeffrey Baker, the Morrow Police Chief, has been charged with a DUI, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Morrow police chief’s DUI occurred in Clayton County. According to the county’s records, he was booked into jail at 1:22 a.m. on Thursday and was released around 4:30 a.m.

Jeffrey Baker’s DUI will prompt a lot of curiosity as it is not every day that a police chief gets busted for drunk driving. The Morrow police chief’s DUI also includes a traffic light violation, impeding traffic, driving with an open container, driving too fast for conditions, making an improper lane change, and disobeying police directing traffic, reports WSBTV.

Do Police Officers Show Up to DUI Hearings?

Countless Atlanta police officers are no-shows at DUI hearings, alleges a WSBTV Channel 2 Action News investigation.

The results were discovered when Channel 2 Action News attended hearings for drivers that refused to submit to blood alcohol tests. They found that while Georgia State Patrol’s troopers did show up, Atlanta police officers were very rarely in attendance. Out of the 22 Atlanta cases where the reporters were present, only five Atlanta police officers were present, reports WSBTV.

Doraville Officer Robert Wilson was Killed by a Drunk Driver

On I-20, Doraville Police Officer Robert Wilson was killed by a drunk driver, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The incident that claimed the life of Robert Wilson was a wrong-way accident in which Gene Jones of Dunwoody, driving a Jeep Laredo, drove into Robert Wilson's car. In a tragic ending, Robert Wilson died immediately while Gene Jones is in stable condition at a local hospital. Detective Wilson is survived by his wife, Katy, and his son, Liam. His mother is retired DeKalb Police Officer Gail Hanson.

Geogia Patrol Posts Audited

A 62-page-report written by the Department of Audits and Accounts says that the state could save more than $1 million every year by cutting Georgia patrol posts, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The audit had a number of other findings, namely that trooper staffing drops after 8 p.m. on weekdays as well as on weekends. This is significant because nation-wide, about three-quarters of fatal DUI accidents occur at night, and 58 percent on the weekend.

Catham County Adds Georgia Drug Recognition Experts

Chatham County is adding drug recognition experts, reports the Savannah Morning News.

Georgia drug recognition experts are often called into play during DUI stops, usually when a driver appears to be intoxicated, but doesn't have a blood alcohol level above the legal limit.

Georgia DUI Risk Reduction Course Information

Under Georgia’s DUI law, Title 40, Section 40-6-391(c), anyone convicted of a DUI offense (first, second, third or more offense), must seek:

Completion of a DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program approved by the Department of Driver Services. The sponsor of any such program shall provide written notice of such approval to the person upon enrollment in the program.

If you have been convicted under or are just interested in Georgia DUI laws, you will want to be familiar with the Georgia’s DUI risk reduction courses. First of all, you will need a list of all the approved risk reduction schools in Georgia — that information is available here. Note that some provide DUI risk reduction training and defensive driving training while others only offer one of the two. So please ensure that you are enrolling in the right program.

Can You Get Community Service for a Georgia DUI?

Atlanta is celebrity-obsessed and many locals have seen all varieties of celebrities get arrested for this or that and end up doing community service. Some have even made the community service into a TV spectacle.

This raises the question, can you get community service for a Georgia DUI, let’s say? The answer is yes; but community service won’t be all that you get.

Under Georgia’s DUI law, Georgia Code - Motor Vehicles & Traffic - Title 40, Section 40-6-391, there are various levels of community service possible.Go down to subsection c and you will see the different amounts of community service. Depending on the number of prior DUI convictions there are different levels of service possible.

Paige Elizabeth Jordan: Ecstasy Pills and Children in Car

A woman from Cobb County, Paige Elizabeth Jordan, was allegedly drunk driving with two children in her SUV and was booked by the police, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Pulled over after being unable to maintain her lane, Jordan was found with an open bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade and what are alleged to be four Ecstasy pills. She admitted to drinking the hard lemonade and to also taking Percocet, which is a prescription pain medicine, reports the AJC. She had two children in the car, ages 3 and 7.

Last Call for Georgia's Sunday Alcohol Sales Ban

One of the more contentious but under-reported political debates turned out to be not so contentious after all, as Peach state voters overwhelmingly supported Georgia Sunday alcohol sales in the Tuesday vote, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

When the Georgia legislature came into session this year, it was thought that Georgia's Sunday alcohol sales ban would be lifted. Then, activism from the opposition delayed the lifting of the ban. Next, each city was in a position to hold a referendum on whether it should allow Sunday sales of alcohol. Georgia is one of the few states that still has a Sunday alcohol ban on its books. Not allowing Sunday alcohol sales means that there can't be retail sales of beer, wine, and liquor all Sunday long.

Henry County, Georgia, Accountability Court Changing Law Enforcement

A new kind justice program has made its way into our state and is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for adjudicating Georgia's drug and alcohol related offenses, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

It is called an accountability court and is is created to help offenders avoid jail time by putting them through rehabilitation. Georgia's accountability court is part of a national trend. Nationally, there are about 3,000 accountability courts currently working.

Polite Drunk Driver in Kia Alleges He Was Drinking With Denzel

A rather amusing not-Denzel-Washington DUI took place in Atlanta the other night.

A drunk driver in a Kia alleged that he was drinking with Denzel when pulled over by the cops, reports Creative Loafing Atlanta.

Posting Bail for DUI in Atlanta

If you’ve been booked for a DUI or know someone that has, you know that there is a point at which someone has to post bail for a DUI in Atlanta.

Bail is the step through which a person arrested for a DUI pays a certain amount of money to be released from police custody after he or she has been booked. A DUI suspect (or the suspect’s friends and family) may put up the full bail amount as set by the court, or a “bond” may be posted in lieu of the full amount. A bond is a written guarantee that the full bail amount will be paid in the event that the suspect fails to appear as promised.

Macon Police Officer Arrested for DUI

A Macon police officer was arrested for DUI during a weekend traffic stop, reports 13WMAZ.

Sgt. Anderson Pryde of the Macon Police Department was arrested for DUI after he was stopped at a license and sobriety checkpoint set up by Bibb County’s HEAT unit and Macon Police Department’s DUI task force. There is definitely irony in a police officer getting arrested by a checkpoint manned by his own police department.

Christa Scott DUI Sentence

The Christa Scott DUI, which led to the death of Jordan Griner in a drunk driving accident, reached the sentencing phase, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Christa Scott was convicted of wrongful death and driving under the influence and will serve five years of a ten-year prison sentence.