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At Least Twelve Georgians Killed in Thanksgiving Car Crashes

Thanksgiving was not very pleasant for some families in Georgia. Reports say fifteen people were killed in car crashes during the holiday travel period, which began last Wednesday, writes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Georgia Highway Safety Twitter page also places the number of total fatalities at 15. In the same time period there were 434 crashes, down three from the year before; and there were 247 injuries, which is significantly less than the 397 last year, reports the Georgia Highway Safety website.

The law enforcement in Georgia had predicted the dangerous holiday traffic conditions and tried to take action to protect citizens.

Under a "Click-it-or-Ticket" Thanksgiving campaign, the police tried to pay close attention to Atlanta drivers over the holidays: "Georgia's Click It or Ticket Thanksgiving campaign is focused on making sure drivers and passengers wear their safety belts and arrive alive this holiday season. Law enforcement will be out in force on the roads and highways across the state, so if you don't click it, expect a ticket."

Although the holiday statistics do not yet reveal how many, if any, of the fatalities were caused by the DUI, one way to determine how many DUI arrests might have been made is to look at the statistics released during a previous traffic sweep called Operation Thunder which was employed the week before the holiday weekend.

That three day campaign by all six of the Atlanta Police Department Zones led to 868 traffic citations; 178 arrests; 81 seat belt-violations; and 61 DUI arrests. In other words, there were nearly as many DUI offenders are the number of people not wearing their seat-belts.

These are numbers worth pondering over, as they suggest that drunk driving is prevalent in Georgia.

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