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Polite Drunk Driver in Kia Alleges He Was Drinking With Denzel

A rather amusing not-Denzel-Washington DUI took place in Atlanta the other night.

A drunk driver in a Kia alleged that he was drinking with Denzel when pulled over by the cops, reports Creative Loafing Atlanta.

It was around 4:30 in the morning when an officer saw a brown Kia turn extremely slowly from Peachtree Street onto 10th street without a turn signal. This led the officer to pull the car over. Inside was a 22-year-old from Duluth who claimed that he had been drinking with Denzel Washington, reports Creative Loafing.

But that was just the start of the fun for the officer. Reports show that the young man was extremely polite, to the point of leading the officer to write, "I must note [the man] was very polite and respectful during my entire encounter with him." Politeness did not prevent the young man from failing a breath test and the field sobriety test. And 22-year-old Duluth man ended up in jail.

Also there was someone passed out in the backseat. That person was not Denzel.

The not-Denzel-Washington-DUI episode, after a laugh, is a good opportunity to review the Georgia DUI Laws. Contrary to what the polite young drunk driver might believe, the Georgia DUI laws don't make any room for being chatty or having access to celebrities (or even being nice enough to drive your passed out friends around). What matters is that your blood alcohol content be less than 0.08 and that you be able to pass the field sobriety test and the Breathalyzer test.

So go ahead and be social Atlanta, just be sober when you drive.

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