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DUI Judge Gets DUI and is Judged by Fellow Judges

A judge from Monroe County, Jeffery M. Davis, who had been hearing DUI cases, was charged with a DUI and eventually got reprimanded by the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission, reports the Macon Telegraph.

Although Judge Jeffery M. Davis is going to remain the chief judge of the Magistrate Court in Monroe County, he resigned from his position at Forsyth's Municipal Court. After his June 3 arrest for a DUI at a highway license checkpoint on Ga. 87 near the Bibb-Monroe line he voluntarily reported himself to the Judicial Commission. The DUI Judge also received a year of probation, an $800 fine, a day in jail, and 40 hours of community service, reports the Associated Press.

Kenny Anderson's Accident in Florida Not a DUI

Former Georgia Tech basketball star and one-time Atlanta Hawk, Kenny Anderson, is facing a misdemeanor related to fleeing the scene of a traffic accident in Florida, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

After Kenny Anderson's accident he apparently left the scene on foot, leaving his white Cadillac Escalade in the two trees he had crashed it into, reports the Sun-Sentinel.

Buckhead Browsing Bandit Caught Because of DUI

The man known as the Buckhead browsing bandit for having lifted $4000 worth of high-end couture from Buckhead, ended up getting identified as a result of a DUI arrest, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The story of Tavoris Ashmon is a bit complicated but interesting. Turns out that before stealing from the boutique, Ashmon had allegedly stolen an Audi S-5 during a test-driving session at a deadlership in Chamblee.

Drugged Driving: More Teenagers Smoking Pot

Drugged driving may be increasing, as more teenagers are smoking pot, reports the New York Times. According to the the "Gray Lady:"

One out of every 15 high school students smokes marijuana on a near daily basis, a figure that has reached a 30-year peak even as use of alcohol, cigarettes and cocaine among teenagers continues a slow decline, according to a new government report.

The study being cited is called the "Monitoring the Future" survey and was paid for by the National Institutes of Health out in Maryland. It evaluated 46,000 students around the country.

Massive Drive Sober Holiday Campaign Begins

A massive Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign will greet holiday drunk drivers, reports WLTZ 38.

The national campaign, which even featured commercials on ESPN during sporting events, is inspired by the fact that in 2010 Georgia had an 11% decrease in impaired driving fatalities. As such, from December 16 to January 2, police officers, deputies and state troopers will be deeply engaged in the Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over campaign.

The driver sober campaign's commercials usually feature a gray-colored slightly-invisible police officer observing would-be drunk drivers. And its slogan is the faceless diamond-shaped cop in blue and red.

Duluth Police Aggressive Driving Grant

The Duluth Police Department received an aggressive driving grant in the amount of $16,600 from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS), reports the Gwinnett Record.

The Duluth police aggressive driving grant will allow it to develop and execute strategies that reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities from drugs and alcohol and other unsafe driving. The grant is through H.E.A.T., which stands for Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic, and its foremost task is to reduce impaired driving crash.

December Rockdale DUI's

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office, Conyers Police Department, and the Georgia State Patrol made a number of DUI stops in Rockdale the early parts of December, reports the Rockdale Citizen.

Between December 6 and December 12, 2011, there was just one DUI reported. And it was given to a resident of Stone Mountain. The charge also included an improper lane change.

These numbers are a considerable improvement on the last time this blog checked in on DUI's in Rockdale. Between October 11, 2011 and October 21, 2011, there had been at least thirteen Rockdale DUI's, reported FindLaw's Atlanta DUI Law Blog.

Cell Phone Shaming: Total Ban on Cell Phones in Car?

Will there be a total ban on cell phones in cars coming soon? If lawmakers heed the recommendation of the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) then the answer may be yes, reports MSNBC.

In what is a sweeping recommendation -- though it is not binding -- the NTSB wants a total ban on cell phones in cars including hands-free devices. That means no Jawbones or Bluetooths (Teeth?) in your ear holes. The only exceptions to the NTSB's total ban would be GPS devices and using your phone in case of an emergency (the police kind, not the emotional kind).

Dram shop: Duluth's Cafe Todahmgol Sued by Eddie Ko's Family

The family of a man killed in a drunk driving accident is suing the restaurant where the drunk drivers became intoxicated before getting into their vehicles, reports the Associated Press.

The restaurant is Duluth's Cafe Todahmgol, a Korean joint, which two men, Soon Kwon and Gho H. Lee, left in separate cars last December. As they were driving, Kwon's car side-swiped Lee's car before swerving into the oncoming traffic and killing Eddie Ko in a head-on collision. Ko died in a hospital. He wasn't, tragically, the only death. A passenger in Lee's car, Se Shin, also passed away.

Shocking Texting While Driving Statistics

A number of recent studies cumulatively reveal a stark picture about texting while driving which will be shocking to many people, reports CBS.

For example, a study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that truck drivers that were texting while driving were 23 times more at risk of a crash or a near crash event than those that were not distracted.

Jeffrey Baker Resigns in Morrow Police Chief DUI Scandal

Drunk driving doesn't just claims lives. Even where no one was hurt, it can cause people to lose their jobs. This can happen even when the drunk driver is the chief of police. For example, Morrow Police Chief Jeffrey Baker is resigning due to a DUI charge he received a month ago, reports CBS Atlanta.

Jeffrey Baker's DUI prompted a lot of curiosity as it is not every day that a police chief gets busted for drunk driving. The Morrow police chief's DUI also included a traffic light violation, impeding traffic, driving with an open container, driving too fast for conditions, making an improper lane change, and disobeying police directing traffic, as noted in a previous post on FindLaw's Atlanta DUI News Blog.

Gene Jones Granted Bond In Robert Wilson Accident

A 39-year-old man who was charged in the death of a Doraville police officer has been released from jail after posting a $265,000 bond, reports the Associated Press.

Gene Jones was granted bond after being charged with vehicular homicide, DUI, driving on the wrong side of the road and reckless driving for an accident that claimed the life of Officer Robert Wilson. The accident occurred in the very early morning hours.

Alexandru Tehnilenco Arrested for DUI at Lawrenceville Courthouse

A man who was intoxicated more than four times past the legal limit was arrested for a DUI at a Lawrenceville courthouse, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Alexandru Tehnilenco was arrested after his car stalled and had to enter the courthouse parking lot. There, a Gwinnett County Sheriff’s deputy tested him for his blood alcohol content. The 29-year-old drunk driver blew a .35 on the test. He also had a 32-ounce container of beer on the driver’s seat. He was charged with DUI and open container. Jail records also show that Alexandru Tehnilenco has had two DUI arrests before.

DUI's Play Part in Deadly Stretch of I-20

Aiken County is the deadliest county in the 200-mile stretch of I-20 between Atlanta and Columbia, South Carolina, reports the August Chronicle. And, as expected, DUI's play a role in the danger.

Apparently in five years, on the Georgia side, eleven percent of fatal incidents on I-20 are attributed to drunk driving. But while that number is already significant, the problem of drunk driving danger is much higher on the South Carolina side: nearly 43 percent of fatal incidents on I-20 on that side are due to drunk driving.