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Twenty-Two-Year Old Chasity Jones DUI: Officer Killed

A senior police officer, Gail Thomas, a 15-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department, was hit and killed by a 22-year-old named Chasity Jones, reports WSB Radio.

Chasity Jones, of Stone Mountain, has been charged with vehicular homicide, DUI, and failure to yield.

The incident occurred when Officer Gail Thomas had just begun her shift. She had received a call to help a driver whose car had broken down on the side of the road. That was when Jones struck officer Thomas.

Jones' most serious charge is going to be vehicular homicide. Vehicular homicide is a felony, which is the most serious kind of crime in the criminal law system. A standard definition of a felony is any crime punishable by more than one year in prison or by death. This means that a crime that has a sentence of only a fine or confinement in the local jail for a short period of time is not a felony. Examples of felony traffic offenses include repeat DUI/DWI convictions, certain "hit and run" offenses, and vehicular homicide.

A person convicted of a felony may have more restrictions on his or her rights than a person convicted of a lesser crime. In addition to longer prison sentences in harsher settings, in many jurisdictions, felons cannot serve on juries. Often times, they also lose their right to vote or to practice certain professions, such as law and teaching. Felons may be prohibited from owning guns or serving in the military.

For allegedly killing Officer Gail Thomas while drunk, Chasity Jones is going to be in a whole lot of trouble and going to require the assistance of a DUI or criminal law attorney familiar with vehicular homicide.

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