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Former UGA Star Knowshon Moreno DUI in 'Sauced' Bentley

The former star running back of the University of Georgia Bulldogs, Knowshon Moreno, was recently arrested for a DUI in Colorado, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Moreno, who now plays for the Denver Broncos (or as they are now known, the Tim Tebows), was pulled over in a Bentley convertible, apparently for going 70 in a 45 zone.

The officer on the Knowshon Moreno DUI stop smelled alcohol and carried out a roadside sobriety test and a breath test.

And, of course, as with many a celebrity arrest, there’s bound to be an odd detail. In this case, Moreno’s Bentley has a personalized license plate which says, SAUCED. That kind of plate probably doesn’t help much in DUI stops.

Former UGA football players with awesome cars and wild things written on their license plates have been arrested for DUI’s in Georgia as well, as reported by FindLaw’s Atlanta DUI Law Blog. Except in Hines Ward’s case, he turned down the Breathalyzer test.

On the whole, Colorado’s DUI Laws are not too different than Georgia’s DUI Laws. They both have a 0.08 BAC limit for adults and 0.02 for underage drinkers. One noticeable difference is that Colorado allows a higher BAC for an aggravated charge. It is unclear, currently, where Moreno falls on the BAC level.

It will be worth following this story in the future, especially to see what kind of plea, if any, Knowshon Moreno enters before a court, and what, if any, penalties he will face as a result of his conduct.

Not to mention WWTTS: What would Tim Tebow say?

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