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NASCAR Driver Gets DUI

John Wes Townley, a NASCAR driver for RAB Racing, was suspended by his team after a DUI arrest in Georgia, reports Yahoo!

The NASCAR driver -- who was not driving his racing car -- crashed into a pole and was arrested after going to a nearby house and hanging out suspiciously near the backdoor. John Wes Townley, who is only twenty-two, has accepted responsibility for his drunk driving. He was driving 2012 BMW at the time of the arrest, reports the Athens Banner-Herald.

It remains to be seen what John Wes Townley will plead and what the judgment will be.

For a first DUI conviction in Georgia, a person may owe a fine between $300 - $1000; be imprisoned for between ten days and twelve months; owe 40+ hours of community service; have to complete a DUI risk reduction program approved by the Department of Driver Services and face probation up to 12 months.

Georgia's law on first, second, and subsequent DUI convictions is Code 40-6-391. Obviously, a NASCAR driver would probably have adequate legal representation.

In the event of a conviction, Townley may also have to end up in a risk reduction program.

If you have been convicted under or are just interested in Georgia DUI laws, you will want to be familiar with the Georgia's DUI risk reduction courses. First of all, you will need a list of all the approved risk reduction schools in Georgia -- that information is available here. Note that some provide DUI risk reduction training and defensive driving training while others only offer one of the two. So please ensure that you are enrolling in the right program.

Who knows, you might be able to end up in the same class as a NASCAR driver.

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