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Jordan Griner's Parents Sue Over Door 44 Christa Scott DUI Crash

The parents of Jordan Griner, an intern for then Governor Sonny Perdue, who was killed due to the alleged drunk driving of a VIP waitress from Door 44 named Christa Scott, are suing, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The suit is against Door 44 for allegedly allowing late working employees to take free "shift shots" that led to Christa Scott driving out with a blood alcohol level of .229, three times the legal limit. In 2010, she ended up pleading guilty to driving drunk and received five years in prison.

DUI On Record? Past DUI Might Keep You Out of Canada

Whether it’s for tourism or business, Americans are used to going in and out of Canada without a thought (all while making jokes). But it may no longer be a laughing matter to go see our neighbors to the north, as it is being discovered that some past DUIs might keep you out of Canada, reports Appen Newspapers of North Fulton.

The best way to fix the problem is to get a Certificate of Rehabilitation. This allows the Canadian government to clear you under the database they check you against.

In many ways, the Canadian Certificate of Rehabilitation is similar to how a DUI expungement works.

MADD Golden Shield Honors For Georgia

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, the national advocacy organization, has been doing big things in Georgia, like lobbying the legislature for tougher laws related to first time DUI offenders, as previously reported by FindLaw’s Atlanta DUI News Blog.

More recently, MADD’s Georgia chapters and the Governor’s Office on Highway Safety (GOHS) teamed up to honor 440 activists and individuals from around the state, during the Golden Shield Honors, reports The Weekly of Duluth. The event, held at the Georgia International Convention Center, celebrated those that increase awareness of the consequences of driving drunk, and those that impact DUI legislation.

Can You Drive While High in Georgia?

Around the country there is considerable discussion taking place about drugged driving by those that smoke pot and use other drugs, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

While it's more difficult to prosecute motorists charged with driving under the influence of drugs, rather than alcohol, 15 states have what are known as "per se" drugged driving laws, reports FindLaw. Such DUI laws make it illegal to operate a motor vehicle with any detectable amount of certain drugs in a driver's system.

Atlanta St. Patrick's Day Speeding Tickets, DUI

You probably don’t want to be driving too fast this upcoming, St. Patrick’s Day, weekend, as Georgia is ramping up its speeding ticket fines, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Starting all the way from Ringgold in northern Georgia, to Lake Park in southern Georgia, I-75 is going to be really closely monitored for speeders.

The particular law that will be used for Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day speeding tickets is from 2010, and its called the super speeders law, which says that going more than 85 mph on Georgia roads will cost you an additional $200 on top of your ticket. On two lane roads, the fine starts at 75 mph.

Hines Ward DUI Revelation: Ward Feared ESPN

Hines Ward, when arrested for DUI last year, feared the prospect of ESPN finding out seemingly more than any legal implications, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The former UGA Bulldog star and current Pittsburgh Steelers superstar wide receiver was arrested for a DUI in his Aston Martin. As he was booked he appeared to be questioning the officer about whether the media, especially ESPN, would find out. Keeping in mind that these are the thoughts of an individual charged with driving while drunk, it is worth looking at some of the comments he made:

NFL Draft Tight End Prospect Orson Charles DUI in Georgia

A top tight-end NFL draft prospect, Orson Charles, got himself booked for a DUI in Georgia, reports The Tampa Tribune.

Orson Charles' DUI occurred in Clarke County, Georgia. His blood alcohol content was reported as 0.095 at around 3:00 in the morning. After being booked, he was subsequently released on $1,750 bond.

Jeffersonville Sunday Liquor Sales Rejected By One Vote

Sunday alcohol sales are an important subset of DUI law, because of the many implications associated with the debate. And the town of Jeffersonville is among many in Georgia that had been having that discussion. And the debate really was evenly split.

In the end, Jeffersonville was one of the few towns in Georgia that voted to reject Sunday liquor sales, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Will Success of Georgia Drug Courts Help DUI Courts?

A Georgia meth addict, Gordon Pirkle Jr., was helped off his addiction by a Georgia drug court, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The way Georgia drug courts work is that they use sanctions and rewards as their process, reports the AJC. A reward can be as simple as a candy bar to advancement to another phase. A sanction can be hard community service or jail. The first phase of the drug court is apparently the most intense, but there are many success stories, like Gordon Pirkle Jr.

State Farm Cancels Insurance Policies for DUI Conviction

In Georgia, State Farm Insurance will generally cancel an insurance policy for a driver convicted of a DUI, reports Newnan Times-Herald.

And, in fact, State Farm will not extend an insurance policy to anyone convicted of a DUI if the conviction occurred in the last five years.

It just goes to show that insurance companies consider drunk drivers too big of a risk.

How To Become a Georgia Ignition Interlock Provider

Now for something different.

Normally this blog provides information about DUI news and how to deal with drunk driving issues in the courts.

However, legislation and regulations are also part of DUI law, and these things evolve and change, particularly as it was learned earlier this week that ignition interlock devices might get extended to first-time DUI offenders.