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Bobby Brown DUI Plea is Not Guilty

Bobby Brown, the ex-husband of the late singer Whitney Houston, and one-time Atlanta resident, has pleaded not guilty in his latest DUI, reports The Associated Press.

Bobby Brown's DUI arrest occurred last month and he received DUI charges, as well as driving on a suspended license. A conviction would lead to six months jail time.

An attorney appeared on Bobby Brown's behalf as the one-time singer did not appear at the court in Van Nuys.

To Atlantans, Bobby Brown’s DUI a reminder of Bobby Brown’s DUI past, as reported by 11 Alive.

Bobby Brown’s Atlanta DUI originally occurred in the late 1990s, but it went on for years, until 2003, because he was unable to fulfill the requirements of the DUI probation. Brown missed the required counseling sessions which led him to end up in jail.

Those Georgia drivers who may be arrested for alleged DUIs should be aware that under Georgia DUI laws, you could receive probation if you are convicted. You can also be placed on probation even if it is your first DUI.

Georgia’s law related to first, second, and subsequent DUI convictions is Georgia Code 40-6-391. This section sets out the various Georgia DUI penalties.

For those that are convicted for the first time, you could owe a fine between $300 to $1000; face imprisonment; owe 40+ hours of community service; have to complete a DUI risk reduction program; and face probation.

For more information on DUI penalties in Georgia and the general procedure associated with a DUI case, please see the information below or speak to a local attorney. They may even have followed the Bobby Brown Atlanta DUI saga and could share the stories.

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