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Georgia State Patrol Nighthawk Taskforce Has Political Backdrop

People don’t tend to think that drunk driving laws and DUI enforcement in Georgia are connected to other political considerations.

However, this is often very much the case. It can come in the form of lobbying from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), to other types of political matters.

Take for example, the fact that Georgia Nighthawk Taskforce, designed to apprehend more drunk drivers in the Macon area, actually grew out of a bigger law enforcement discussion about stopping the epidemic of metal thefts in the area, reports Macon's Telegraph.

Turns out that the City Council and the police department were at odds over whether the local police should chase drunk drivers or prevent copper theft. In one debate, the police chief said that while copper theft was a significant property crime, drunk driving was more important because it killed people, to which a city council member said, "Well, that's debatable."

Ultimately, the entire debate may be made moot by the Georgia State Patrol and their Nighthawk Taskforce, which was previously discussed on by FindLaw's Atlanta DUI News Blog. The taskforce will come in and be focused entirely on DUI arrests in Georgia. In the past, the taskforce has made more than 6000 DUI arrests in Georgia. An arrest does not automatically mean a conviction, but even so, even a small conviction rate means that the taskforce has been successful.

And it doesn't hurt that the taskforce helps address a local political issue that was not getting resolved.

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