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Another NFL DUI: Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch Charged with DUI

A new member has joined the NFL DUI club. On Wednesday, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was charged with DUI in Alameda County, California, The Seattle Times reports.

Early Saturdays morning, Lynch was arrested for drunk driving in his hometown of Oakland. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has recently pushed for harsher penalties for players who are convicted of driving under the influence. Penalties from the league are currently pending.

According to USA Today, officers spotted Lynch weaving between lanes on I-880 in Oakland. Lynch, who was driving a Ford Econoline van, reportedly had two near collisions with other vehicles.

According to Ivan Golde, Lynch's attorney, the running back's blood alcohol content was originally measured at .08 percent. Once at the station, Lynch's BAC was measured at .10 percent. California's legal limit, like Georgia's, is .08 percent.

Golde claims that the two readings show that Lynch's BAC was rising. He argues that Lynch's BAC probably wasn't over the legal limit at the time he was driving.

The NFL hasn't yet stated whether Lynch what kind of penalties Lynch will face for the incident. Under the league's current penalty schedule, players aren't suspended for a first DUI offense. Instead, they're fined as much as a game check.

Ten NFL players have been charged with DUI offenses since January. In reponse, to those DUIs, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell pushed for harsher league penalties for first-time DUI offenses. 

According to Ivan Golde, Marshawn Lynch intends to waive his right to a speedy trial. That means the case probably won't reach trial before or even during the 2012 season.

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