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Breathalyzer Equalizer May Help Prevent False Positives

A blood alcohol test could mean the difference between going free and spending the night in the drunk tank. The Breathalyzer is by far the most popular blood alcohol test, but its accuracy has long been contested.

Some experts have argued that breath tests often pick up alcohol residue in the mouth, rendering a false positive. Now, an Atlanta company claims that its new product, Breathalyzer Equalizer, solves the "false positive" problem, CBS News reports.

The product was created by attorney Preston Haliburton, former state patrol sergeant Ron Lloyd, and plastic surgeon McCoy Moretz. According to the creators, Breathalyzer Equalizer immediately reduces the amount of alcohol in the mouth by evaporating it.

The product itself is made up of carbon-based minerals that the user pours into his or her mouth. The creators recommend police officers wait 20 minutes for the mouth alcohol to evaporate before conducting a Breathalyzer test.

Under Georgia's DUI law, it's illegal for an adult to drive with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher. Under Georgia's motor vehicle code, any person who drives in the state has given "implied consent" to a Breathalyzer, blood, or urine test if suspected of DUI.

Refusing to submit to the test will get your license automatically suspended for at least a year. This is actually a more lengthy suspension period than those proscribed for many DUI convictions.

Breathalyzer Equalizer isn't without its critics. Some argue that the product protects drunk drivers from arrest.

Barry Martin of Mothers Against Drunk Driving said that Breathalyzer Equalizer is "unnecessary and can lead to dangerous circumstances" because drunk drivers may get a false sense of security from the product. According to Martin, drinking water and eating bread will reduce the amount of mouth alcohol as well as the new product.

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