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Cobb Co. Mom Shoots Up Heroin with Kids in the Car

A Cobb County mom apparently couldn’t wait until she got home to shoot up the heroin she’d bought.

Instead, Kelley Denise Rhodes decided to shoot up with her two kids in the car, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. She’s now facing numerous charges, including possession and reckless conduct.

Rhodes was arrested Friday night when she was caught with heroin in her possession. According to police, Rhodes allegedly bought the heroin in Marietta and admitted to injecting it in her 2000 Dodge Durango while her kids were in the car.


Rhodes has been charged with felony heroin possession, misdemeanor reckless conduct, and driving on a suspended license. If Rhodes drove off after shooting up, she could face a number of DUI-related charges as well.

Drugged driving is a mounting problem in Atlanta. There’s no “Breathalyzer” test for drugs, making it difficult for law enforcement to catch drugged drivers.

That’s why Georgia has a “per se” drugged driving law. The law makes it illegal to drive with any detectable amount of drugs in your system. That means if you’re found to have even a trace of a controlled substance in your system, you’ll get the same DUI charge you’d get for drunken driving.

On top of the a DUI charge, driving impaired with a child under the age of 14 in the car will get you a child endangerment charge as well. A child endangerment conviction is punishable by a $1,000 fine or up to 12 months of jail time.

Rhodes is currently being held without bond in Cobb County jail. DUI-related charges could follow.

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