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5 Apps to Stop Distracted Driving

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted. Combine distracted driving with drunken driving, and you get a disaster waiting to happen.

There have been many initiatives to try to curb distracted driving. But the use of handheld devices and smartphones makes it difficult for drivers to keep their attention focused on the road.

This is especially the case with younger drivers, who are infamous for texting while driving. The idea that many people have is that they can multitask and do both.

But all it takes is one second for the unthinkable to happen. Here are some apps that can help deal with texting while driving:

4 Ways to Challenge DUI BAC Tests in Georgia

Once you've been arrested for DUI and have had a BAC test, you might think there's no hope, especially given Georgia's implied consent laws.

That's not always true. Did you know that there are ways to challenge a blood alcohol test?

Here are four ways to potentially challenge a DUI blood test or a DUI breath test:

A Primer on Ignition Interlock in Georgia

If you've been caught drinking and driving in the state of Georgia, you might be asking about ignition interlock.

Despite this being a part of DUI law in many states, not everyone knows what ignition interlock means or how to go about and get it. But if you find yourself in a position where you need to apply to an ignition interlock program, you might want to educate yourself.

Here's a quick primer.

Back in January of last year, Atlanta Police Senior Officer Gail Thomas was killed by a suspected drunk driver while directing traffic on I-75.

On Friday, Chastity Jones went to trial for the crime, South Cobb Patch reports. Jones is facing 13 counts, including DUI and homicide by vehicle in the first degree. She could spend up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Frank Circelli, founder and chairman of the Gem Shopping Network, had a rough holiday season.

Circelli was arrested for DUI not once, but twice within the same week, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The first arrest took place Christmas morning, while the second occurred just after midnight on New Year's Day.

The CEO now faces a number of DUI offenses and at least one drug offense.

An Atlanta police officer ended up in the hospital this weekend after an alleged drunken driver plowed into his patrol car.

Officer Osbert Beckles suffered head and chest injuries and multiple broken bones in the crash. Scott Eugene Welker is now facing a whole slew of charges, including DUI and serious injury by vehicle, Channel 2 Action News reports.