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3 Ways To Contest a DUI

How can you contest a DUI? After the new head coach of the Atlanta Hawks was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to The Associated Press, this question is likely on his mind.

Mike Budenholzer's case has yet to be settled, but the new coach stated earlier this week that he wants to focus on preparing his team. He added that "it's important for [him] to respect" the legal process, though he does plan to contest the charge.

A DUI can affect anyone -- so here are 3 ways to contest one:

Driving Drunk With Kids: Charges Are Not Childs Play

Drunk driving is bad enough, but drunk driving with kids? An offender's charges and penalties could be taken to a whole new level. This is what Ashok Kapoor, 47, is now waiting to hear back on, after being pulled over for driving drunk with three of his children in the backseat, Atlanta's WSB-TV reports.

It should go without saying that you should never drink and drive. But, if you're caught doing so with your kids in the car, a DUI may not be the only issue you'll have to deal with. Here's a general overview of driving drunk with kids in Georgia: