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7 Secrets to Avoiding DUI from Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was arrested for a DUI in Miami, along with resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. Police pulled him over after they caught him street racing in his yellow Lamborghini, reports CNN.

Although it's easy to write off this celebrity DUI as another story of teenage entitlement, the Bieb's arrest actually provides seven secrets for avoiding a DUI.

1. Taking prescription pills can lead to a DUI. One obvious DUI secret learned from Justin Bieber's arrest is that being under the influence of lawfully prescribed drugs can lead to a DUI. Bottom line: Impaired driving is illegal, regardless of what the source of your impairment is. So if your cold medicine is making you woozy or sleepy, don't get behind the wheel.

2. Having marijuana in your system can lead to DUI. On top of admitting to taking prescription pills and consuming alcohol, Bieber allegedly told cops he had smoked weed earlier that day, according to CNN. It should be a no-brainer that you can be charged with DUI if you're pulled over after smoking pot, even if it's medical pot.

3. Don't drive on an expired license. According to Bieber's Miami police report, the pop star was driving with an expired license at the time of his arrest. While getting pulled over with an expired license doesn't automatically equal jail time, habitual offenders could get their licenses revoked for good.

4. Avoid resisting arrest. Whenever the police arrest someone, there's a whole procedure that follows the arrest. It could include a pat down of the suspect's clothing to make sure that he or she is not carrying any weapons. In Bieber's case, according to the arrest report, he ignored officers' requests to keep his hands on the car while they conducted a standard pat down to check for weapons.

5. Street racing is enough reasonable suspicion for DUI stop. Police can stop drivers if there's a reasonable suspicion that they're doing something illegal. Due to the illegality and dangers of street racing, it's no surprise that Bieber was pulled over for allegedly racing his Lambo against a Ferrari in a 30 m.p.h. residential zone, CNN stated.

6. Don't be abrasive when answering questions. Although you have a constitutional right to remain silent, you can still choose to answer police questions. However, don't be like Bieber and use derogatory language against officers when they are questioning you. It won't help your case and could be seen as resisting arrest.

7. Field sobriety tests can and will be used against you. Officers administered a field sobriety test on Bieber and he reportedly failed five portions of the test, CNN reports. Although a good DUI/DWI defense attorney can challenge the test in court, the results of your test will be used as evidence against you.

Despite his DUI and recent legal problems, Bieber was still greeted by screaming fans when he left the police station.

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