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APD Supervisor Terminated Over DUI Charges

As surprising as it may be to private citizens, a fair number of Atlanta Police Department employees struggle with DUI charges of their own. Take it from Atlanta Police Lt. Maurice Dodd, an APD supervisor who slammed into a fire hydrant while driving drunk.

Dodd is now facing a slew of repercussions of both the professional and legal variety.

DUI Costs Cop's Job

Early New Year's Day, Dodd hit a fire hydrant in his personal car. Police discovered two large cracked-open beers and noted the lieutenant's slurred speech and strong odor of alcohol. One of the main issues here was his flat-out refusal to take a field sobriety test, reports Atlanta's WAGA-TV.

Dodd is not the first law enforcement officer to refuse a field sobriety test. Clayton County commissioner Wole Ralph refused all DUI-related testing, including field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer test, on the night of his arrest. But in reality, submitting to such tests is not optional for APD employees.

According to APD Deputy Chief Erika Shields, where reasonable suspicion exists, an APD employee must submit to an alcohol or drug test. Because Dodd refused to submit to a field sobriety test, he was immediately terminated.

Remember, refusing sobriety tests can lead to many legal consequences.

Not an Uncommon Trend

Dodd is hardly the first APD employee to be cuffed for drunken driving and face professional consequences for off-duty boozing and cruising.

Last month alone, two APD cops lost their jobs due to DUI-related incidents. A newly minted cop got the axe after he got into a DUI-related crash within 24 hours of being sworn-in as an officer. Another officer wound up with a DUI while vacationing in California.

If you're in a similar spot as Dodd and need advice on issues stemming from your DUI -- such as field sobriety tests or employment consequences -- you may want to consult an Atlanta DUI lawyer to figure out your legal options.

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