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5 Terrible DUI Excuses Never to Use on a Cop

When trying to get out of a DUI, some excuses work better than others.

Telling the police officer that you were "trying to drive it off"? Not a good DUI excuse.

Here are five other DUI excuses you should never use on a cop:

  1. "I was drinking with Denzel." An exceedingly polite drunk driver told the officer that he was drinking with Denzel Washington. Unfortunately for him, his six degrees of separation didn't do the DUI-excuse trick. The DUI lesson here: No matter who your drinking buddy is, the arresting officer will not be as star-struck as you.
  2. "I didn't know drunk driving was illegal." If you're thinking about going doe-eyed on the officer by claiming you didn't know driving drunk was illegal, sorry to break it to you but your ruse probably won't work. One man who told cops he didn't know cocaine was illegal in Florida could tell you that ignorance of the law generally isn't a valid defense.
  3. "I was drowsy from my cough syrup." You can be arrested for drunken driving for knowingly driving under the influence of medication -- including prescription and over-the-counter drugs -- if the medication impaired your ability to drive. Meds and sleep driving are drugged driving defenses that don't work. Kerry Kennedy recently staved off a drugged driving charge because of her mistake of fact -- she took the wrong pill and didn't realize her mistake until after the crash.
  4. "I was only buzzed." For the party people who still don't get it -- even after all those public service announcements recited by TV celebrities: "Buzzed driving is drunk driving. The more you know."
  5. "I'm the designated driver." If you're one of those designated drivers who takes to the bottle, don't expect the "DD" badge to get you out of a DUI mess. According to a new study from the University of Florida in Gainesville, one in three designated drivers admits to driving. The data is admittedly skewed because it mostly surveyed people in a Florida college town's nightlife area, but it's still pretty alarming.

When it comes to getting out of a DUI, leave the talking to your DUI attorney.

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