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DUI cases generally all follow a similar path through the courts. After an arrest for suspected driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the suspect is booked, placed into a local jail or holding cell, and then released after posting bail.

Just like other criminal proceedings, the actual DUI case begins with an arraignment where the defendant states his or her plea. If it's a guilty plea, it is followed by sentencing. However, there are those rare instances of not-guilty pleas which are followed by a preliminary hearing, sometimes a series of pre-trial motions, and then trial. If a defendant is found to be guilty, the judge determines the type and severity of punishment at the sentencing hearing. It’s a long complicated process best explained by an Atlanta DUI lawyer.

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5 Terrible DUI Excuses Never to Use on a Cop

When trying to get out of a DUI, some excuses work better than others.

Telling the police officer that you were "trying to drive it off"? Not a good DUI excuse.

Here are five other DUI excuses you should never use on a cop:

3 Questions About Alternative Sentences for your DUI Attorney

After taking a look at Georgia's DUI laws, you may have wondered about alternative sentences.

The availability of alternative sentences will hinge on the specific facts of a DUI case, so your best bet is to consult a DUI attorney for an evaluation of your particular case.

Here are three questions about alternative sentences to ask your DUI attorney:

7 Secrets to Avoiding DUI from Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was arrested for a DUI in Miami, along with resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. Police pulled him over after they caught him street racing in his yellow Lamborghini, reports CNN.

Although it's easy to write off this celebrity DUI as another story of teenage entitlement, the Bieb's arrest actually provides seven secrets for avoiding a DUI.

Back in January of last year, Atlanta Police Senior Officer Gail Thomas was killed by a suspected drunk driver while directing traffic on I-75.

On Friday, Chastity Jones went to trial for the crime, South Cobb Patch reports. Jones is facing 13 counts, including DUI and homicide by vehicle in the first degree. She could spend up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Frank Circelli, founder and chairman of the Gem Shopping Network, had a rough holiday season.

Circelli was arrested for DUI not once, but twice within the same week, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The first arrest took place Christmas morning, while the second occurred just after midnight on New Year's Day.

The CEO now faces a number of DUI offenses and at least one drug offense.

An Atlanta police officer ended up in the hospital this weekend after an alleged drunken driver plowed into his patrol car.

Officer Osbert Beckles suffered head and chest injuries and multiple broken bones in the crash. Scott Eugene Welker is now facing a whole slew of charges, including DUI and serious injury by vehicle, Channel 2 Action News reports.

An alleged drunken driver took a page out of the Kool-Aid Man's playbook Sunday night when he smashed his car right through the wall of an Atlanta home.

The collision sent the kitchen sink and a table flying into the house's occupants. Now Ray Roberts, the driver, is facing charges for DUI, failure to maintain lane, and reckless driving, Fox 5 News reports.

With many people visiting family and getting sauced at Christmas parties, the holiday season is one of the most dangerous times to get behind the wheel.

This year, holiday driving was especially deadly. According to a report by the Georgia State Patrol, 17 people were killed in crashes across the state over the holiday weekend, making it the deadliest Christmas weekend since 2008, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Michael Tsilimos was kicked out of a Duluth bar this week for being loud and unruly. Instead of calling it a night, however, Tsilimos decided to go on a rampage in his truck.

Tsilimos allegedly led Norcross police on a chase before smashing his truck into the patio of the Tavern at Medlock. He's now facing a whopping 18 charges, including DUI, Channel 2 Action News reports.

Was Jamal Anderson drunk or just really tired? Back in June, the former Atlanta Falcons running back was arrested on DUI charges after police found him asleep at the wheel of his Escalade.

Anderson's lawyer argued that his client wasn't drunk at the time, merely tired. In response, prosecutors later dropped the DUI charge.

On Monday morning, Anderson pleaded guilty to reckless driving and was sentenced to 12 months of probation, CBS Atlanta News reports.